The Bowie-style Mini in 1999 to celebrate MINI's 40th birthday


Over the years, MINI has been no stranger to playing dress-ups.

Celebrities, designers, and artists alike have given MINI a makeover.

Take, for example, David Bowie’s Mini which he created in 1999 to celebrate MINI’s upcoming 40th birthday.

The mirror-plated classic Mini was designed to reflect everything around it, so that the owner effectively became part of the car.

Designer Paul Smith also made his mark on the MINI that same year, unveiling a car that featured his signature stripes in 86 different colours.

A little closer to home, Sharon Hoogenboom has been giving her 1977 Mini Clubman a new lease of life each year.

Mini Cooper special dress by Sharon HoogenboomMini Cooper that designed by Kate Moss in 1999 to celebrate the 40th anniversary
The Mini is a staple of the parade that marks the opening of the Bermagui Seaside Fair – where Sharon and her husband live.

Each year, they dress their beloved Mini up to take part as a float in the parade.

“We’ve done a boat, a treasure chest, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” Sharon says.

The classic Mini Clubman makes the perfect car to dress up because it’s small enough to build ‘costumes’ around, Sharon says.

The couple owned the surf shop in Bermagui for 13 years and participate in the parade each year.

“We never disclose what we are going to do, people always ask us, but we like to keep it a surprise,” Sharon says.

Mini Cooper treasure chest by Sharon Hoogenboom
“Because it’s an older car, and it’s cute, people always want to stop and look at it.

“The comment we get all the time from people is they say, ‘oh I had a Mini, I used to have one of those.”

The couple’s love for MINI extends beyond their classic Mini Clubman – their everyday car is a 2013 MINI Clubman and Sharon’s husband is an avid collector of MINI toy cars.

“We just love them, they’re so much fun,” Sharon says.

“There’s just something about them.”

Mini Cooper boat by Sharon Hoogenboom