Melbourne photographer Aleksandar Jason shares the locations that inspired the shared romantic moments in his MINI Vignette.

> What locations are featured in your video and why did you choose to shoot your video in the forest? 

 The piece was filmed around Woodend; a picturesque small Victorian town located an hour out of Melbourne. The Pine Conservation Forest featured throughout the video is one of our favourite destinations for romantic winter escapes. There's something magical about watching the sunset and fog emerge beneath the pines of that forest with your special someone.

Your pug is adorable, did he enjoy the adventure and riding passenger in the MINI Countryman?

The trip was Chandler our new little pup's first road trip, and he loved getting to run around all the open spaces of the forest. His favourite spot in the MINI Countryman was chilling out on the picnic bench while we were filming. He also adored the panoramic sunroof. We had it open for a long portion of the drive out to the forest, and whenever we looked behind us to check on him, he was gazing up at the sky and treelines.

> Did you or your partner have any favourite features?

The MINI Countryman’s handling and different driving modes were my fave features. To get the overhead forest drone shots right we had to do a lot of off-road dirt and gravel road driving, the MINI Countryman handled every corner with precision and Chandler managed to calmly snooze in the backseat while we captured all the driving scenes.

 My fiancée Chantelle fell in love with the MINI Centre Instrument and the audio features of the MINI Countryman. These two features made navigating our way to each destination seamless and offered us a neverending road trip playlist throughout the entire getaway.