To celebrate our partnership with Wanderlust, we invited yoga teacher and visual artist, Lara Zilibowitz to take a trip with us in the new MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid, to the places she goes to practice mindfulness and recharge.

Lara has long explored ways to restore, revive and energise ourselves every day. Her journey has taken her from her Sydney birthplace to northern India and to NSW’s picturesque north coast, where she now resides.

“I travel a lot and run a retreat here in Byron with another teacher. Coming back to a place that’s not a big city where I can recharge and rest and I can do my practice is so necessary. I feel so lucky that I have my home and so many secret hideaway spots I can travel to for my art and my practice before I get on the next plane.”

Travelling in the new MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid, we explore the region’s plentiful rainforests, secluded lakes and pristine beaches – each the ideal spot to practice mindfulness and kick-start her creative process.

“What a place to be inspired,” she says. “Not just the nature but the amazing community of nomads it attracts – yoga teachers, artists, ceramicists and potters. You end up building a family of people who have come to Byron Bay to be inspired, to live in this special place. It’s like a magnet.”

Immersing herself in this natural setting unlocks Lara’s focus allowing her creativity to flow.

“I’ve done a lot of contemplating about creativity as a form of yoga and meditation. For me creativity isn’t goal-oriented, it’s really an invitation to be in that flow state where one thing will lead to the next. It’s an invitation to switch off and create – and at the end I switch back and look at what I’ve created. It’s therapeutic.”

Lara will be attending the upcoming Wanderlust festival – a day-long celebration of mindfulness and wellness that’s complemented by group yoga and meditation sessions, live music and a focus on health.

“I’m really excited to be involved with the MINI workshops this year and my sessions will be about recharging and restoring,” Lara says. “We’ll explore guided meditation, visualisations and passive yoga postures that are really about tuning in to what you feel and enjoying the deep sensation and allowing that to be really restorative.”