Melbourne videographer Andrew Dorn and Victorian photographer, Jackson Loria's second MINI vignette, highlights the new perspectives that can be found beyond the city's limits.

We shared soy hot chocolate with the female lead from their video Jessi to discover more about the inspiring scenery from the piece.

> The locations in the video and photography are breathtaking, what destinations did you visit?

Many of the rock filled roadside shots were filmed amongst the Bright Forest roads. We camped overnight in this area and shared toasted marshmallows. The quiet sound of the flowing Buckland River, starry night and warmth of the outdoor fire that we built reminded us of how inspiring the outdoors can be. 

The sunset scene with the rolling clouds towering above my head on the mountain top was shot at Mt Hotham. This spot was breathtakingly beautiful, and the boys just kept uttering 'wow, wow, wow' as mother earth put on a spectacular cinematic show for us.

The dusk shots with the fog soaked roads and red hillsides were filmed at Mt Buffalo. In that space, layered in blankets and beanies, it felt like we were in a universe of our own. As the clouds and fog lowered and I sat beneath that golden brown and red grass.

> What inspired the three of you to visit the locations in your piece?

Jackson and Andrew had been to some of the locations before and had heard that the others were cinematically mesmerising. Being a girl from regional Western Australia, I hadn't explored any of those spaces. Every destination certainly didn't disappoint. Jackson had been to Mt Hotham multiple times before. However, he had never witnessed such an idyllic sunset like the one we captured. It really demonstrated what an untouched 'promised land' Victoria is beyond the city.

> Which features of the MINI Countryman were your favourite?

As one of the main drivers on the journey, I loved the automated slowing of the MINI Countryman when it detected oncoming traffic approaching too close. The vehicle also drove smoothly on every road surface and mountain hilltop that we travelled along. The boys were huge fans of the interior space of the Countryman as while I was driving, they were generally reviewing footage and adjusting filming gear in the back seats of the MINI.