MINI worked with London-based architects Studiomama at this year’s Salone Del Mobile in Milan (17 – 22 April) to present MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL.

The installation was the third presented by MINI in Milan and revealed a visionary living concept in a close collaboration between residents and architects.

Adding participation to the underlying themes of MINI LIVING, participants used a surface area of just a few square metres to create their own personal, attractive spaces, reflecting MINI’s core principle of the “creative use of space”.

The result was a standalone, living micro-neighbourhood in an old factory hall which highlighted that even the inside of an empty building can be used to enrich the future of urban architecture.

“MINI LIVING provides creative solutions for collaborative urban living – on a small footprint but offering many possibilities and a high degree of flexibility,” explains Esther Bahne, Head of MINI Brand Strategy and Business Innovation.

Also on display at Salone del Mobile was the MINI LIVING FACTORY OF IDEAS where visitors could explore the benefits of MINI LIVING for residents in the future by creating their own visions of urban living spaces in the form of small conceptual models.

These were displayed on a Wall of Fame over the course of the installation, symbolising a constantly expanding micro-neighbourhood.

The first habitable MINI LIVING project will open its doors in Shanghai in 2019.

Here, an innovative, space-related concept for living and working is taking shape in converted industrial buildings on a surface area of just under 8,000 square metres.

As with BUILT BY ALL, the residents are co-creators of their space.

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